About Us



Thank you for visiting our website. Please allow us the opportunity to briefly introduce you to Royal Memorial Parks.

Our Moral Foundation:

Our Royal Memorial Parks will make a significant difference in people’s lives, especially the poor or underprivileged. Hence it is important to share our moral foundation with you and that is our commitment to develop a service and facilities in the cemetery industry never been seen before in Africa. Our parks will   which will benefit all people, change Africa and serve its people for generations to come.

The moral standing of our parks are based on very strong Christian beliefs and although we will not be prescriptive as to who may or may not benefit from this, it is the foundation on which we intend to build our parks and which will position our Memorial Parks to expand the Kingdom of God throughout Africa and really help people in disadvantaged communities by:

  • Giving them back their dignity and a Royal place of peace, culture and worship right on their doorstep.
  • Serving them with social programs and support structures when they most need it.
  • Providing these often neglected communities with a world class facility where they will find social support structures 24/7.
  • Acknowledging our African cultures and traditions with honour and pride.

We believe that without God in our lives we have nothing and will achieve no greatness and for this very season this plan was born, as we believe our parks will not only change the way we think about our past, but the very manner how we will approach the future with dignity, hope and peace.

Our Parks will be peaceful sanctuaries for people from all walks of life and will be a place of love, hope and dignity to all, serving the very people which makes this opportunity so viable. We are not merely investing in real estate – we are investing in Africa’s people and know that our parks will change and benefit all the lives we touch in the future.

Hope, dignity and love will symbolize our parks – the way we serve and the way we lead -giving people a foundation within their communities they can always rely on and trust.

Consortia Capital Holdings has recognized this opportunity and decided to proceed with the aggressive expansion throughout Southern and Central Africa of a company named Royal Memorial Parks (RMP) Holdings (the Company).

The basic background and ideology:

A Royal Memorial Park is:

  • A beautiful nature garden or small private nature reserve, where we will bury our loved ones with dignity and pride.
  • A 100% security tight environment.
  • A place of spectacular peace, tranquillity and harmony with an emphasis on bringing nature, fauna and flora right to the doorsteps of the communities where we envisage to build these beautiful landscaped parks.
  • An impressive architectural designed main entrance and reception facilities with the emphasis on treating our beloved as Royalty and with honour.
  • A place where respect, dignity, security and peace are the key words to our success and the very way we want to remember our ancestors.
  • A place of good order, impeccable management and technology systems which will give us clear data and records of our ancestors forever.
  • A Royal Memorial Park is everything else – but a scary cemetery we have so adopted from the old British Colonial era we come from.
  • The Parks will embrace South Africans as people with diverse cultures and beliefs and breaks away from the traditional Eurocentric models favoured in the past.
  • Heritage elements, indigenous flora and the existing habitat with tame wildlife roaming freely will be naturally linked to fulfil a dual purpose as a cemetery and an environmental conservation area.
  • Our Parks will be beautiful natural spaces, where the sound of children playing and birdsong acts as a constant and real reminder that life goes on.
  • Our Parks are unique, never before seen in Africa with no competition at the level intended.